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2ID/RUCD >> Commanding General's 5 Imperatives

Commanding General's 5 Imperatives


#1 Make Ready to Fight and Win

We face an unpredictable and capable threat. We must continually ready ourselves to face this enemy because our Nations depend on us to fight and win if necessary. Combat readiness is our most important responsibility as Soldiers and leaders.


#2 Live an Honorable Life.

Integrity is essential to our profession of arms because our Nation entrusts us to employ lethal force on its behalf. In return, they expect us to be Soldiers and leaders of character. We must always do the right thing, on and off duty, live honorably, and be outstanding ambassadors of our country here in the Republic of Korea.


#3 Treat evervone with dignity and respect.

Build teams and bring others into the fold. Be inclusive and find ways to leverage everyone's unique contributions in your outfit. Regardless of background, every person deserves to be treated humanely, which includes eliminating sexual assault and harassment from our ranks, one of my top priorities.


#4 Train like your life depends on it!

We must be lethal experts in our craft. This can only be accomplished through tough, realistic training. Sergeants are our secret weapon; we must educate, train, and empower them with the right resources and appropriate authority to prepare our Soldiers to fight and win.


#5 Foster a POSITIVE COMMAND CLIMATE where SAFETY is incorporated in all we do.

Inspired leaders develop units that train and play hard, but not at the expense of safety. Far too many Soldiers are injured in instances where it could have been prevented. Ensure risk management is incorporated into the planning and execution of everything we do, both on and off duty.