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Korean Language

The spoken language is called Korean and the written language is called Hangul. The Korean language belongs to the Ural-Altic family of languages which also includes Turkish and Mongolian. Although the language contains many words derived from Chinese and printed media still use Chinese ideographs to represent many of those words, structurally the two languages are very different. Korean is closer to the Japanese language linguistically.

The following phrases and vocabulary are provided by the University of Maryland University College. If you would like more information about Korean Lanaguage, check your local Education Center to sign up for KORN111.

Greetings and Introductions

Hello, how are you? An-nyong-ha-se-yo
My name is Daniel. jae-i-rum-eun Daniel-im-ni-da
I am an American. Jho-nun-mi-guk-sa-ram-im-ni-da
Can you speak English? Young-auh-ha-se-yo?
I'll see you again. Tto-bep-get-sum-ni-da
I'm sorry. Mi-an-ham-ni-da
Excuse me. Shil-lye-ham-ni-da
Goodbye. (To someone Leaving) An-nyong-hi ga-se-yo
Goodbye. (To someone Staying) An-nyong-hi gae-se-yo


Where is the restroom? Hwa-jang-sil o-di-it-sum-ni-kka
I'm going to CRC (Camp Red Cloud). CRC gam-ni-da
Straight. Ttok-ba-ro
The left side. wen-jjok
The right side. O-roon-jjok

At a Restaurant

Hello. (Getting one's attention) Yeo-gi-yo
Please give me a Coke. Cola ju-se-yo
It's good. Jo-a-yo
It's okay. Kwen-chan-sum-ni-da
It's spicy. Mae-woe-yo
It's delicious. Ma-shi-sseo-yo
How much is it? All-ma-ye-yo
It's expensive. Bi-ssa-yo
Thank you. Gam-sa-ham-ni-da

Useful Vocabulary

Yes Nae
No A-ni-o
Man Nam-ja
Woman Yoe-ja
One Ha-na
Two Dol
Three Set
Four Net  
Korea Han-guk
Korean Food Han-shik
Korean Language Han-guk-mal
Hot Pepper Paste Go-chu-jang
Instant Noodles Ra-myon
Beef Ribs Gal-bi
Dumplings Man-du
Rice wrapped with Seaweed Gim-bap
Soy sauce Gan-jang
Beer Mek-ju
Spoon Sut-ga-rak
Chopsticks Jot-ga-rak
Subway jee-ha-chul


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