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Think Twice

The 2D Infantry Division/ROK-US Combined Division takes great pride in supporting the strongest Alliance in the world. Our Soldiers are constantly training to be ready to "Fight Tonight". Part of our training includes ensuring each Warrior behaves responsibly and with discipline in all that they do. The 2D Infantry Division/ROK-US Combined Division is committed to educating each Soldier about the potential consequences of their actions by reminding them to "Think Twice" before making a poor choice.

Below you can track how many days your unit has gone without an alcohol related incident. Units can receive streamers for their guidon as well as other incentives for reaching certain milestones without any alcohol related offenses.

2ID SBDE Days since last incident: 882 Date of Last Incident: 09/20/2015
2nd CAB Days since last incident: 580 Date of Last Incident: 07/18/2016
HHBN Days since last incident: 530 Date of Last Incident: 09/06/2016
23rd CHEM Days since last incident: 512 Date of Last Incident: 09/24/2016
210 FA BDE Days since last incident: 476 Date of Last Incident: 10/30/2016
1ABCT,1ID Days since last incident: 469 Date of Last Incident: 11/06/2016

Download this Flyer

Download this Flyer