Welcome the 2d Infantry Division ROK/US Combined Division Photo of The Month contest page. If you are a current service member, spouse of a service member or civilian with 2ID/RUCD stationed in areas I, II, III, or IV in the Republic of Korea and have a passion for photography or just like to take pictures, this contest is for you. Each month contestants can submit their best photo to the 2ID/RUCD Public Affairs Office via the Photo of the Month contest email address at usarmy.redcloud.2-id.list.2id-photo-of-the-month@mail.mil. The winning photo for each month's contest will be featured in 2ID's Indianhead Magazine.

All entries must be submitted NLT the 15th day of the month. Late entries will not be accepted but can be submitted for the following month. Only one entry, per-person, per-month. All Photos must be submitted as taken. No Photoshop or other photo manipulation will be accepted. All emails entry must include;

  • Photo title
  • Contestants name (first and last)
  • Unit of affiliation (BDE, BN, and company or troop)
  • Short description of the photo.

Photo of The Month voting is open to anyone, so your friends and family from around the world can vote on your photo submission.
For a full list of contest rules click here.

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Fight Tonight

Oiled the hinge on the Apache

:Fair Winds and Following Seas

Diehard Air Assualt

Service Before Self

Set to Rise Above Misty Mountains
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2016's Contest Winners

Photos for the July 2017 Contest

  • Submitted by:1st Lt. Taylor Hartsough
  • Title:Up at Gunnery
  • About this photo:An AH-64 Apache Longbow helicopter banks begin an assault down range at MPRC.
  • Submitted by:1LT Michael A. Burkeen
  • Title:Range Construction
  • About this photo:: SPC Daniel Clemen, a Carpentry/Masonry Specialist in Vertical Platoon/643rd Engineer Support Company, cuts rebar to be used on one of two concrete grenade bunkers built during a two week construction operation at Rodriguez Live Fire Complex.
  • Submitted by:PV2 Jocelyn Gwin
  • Title:Gunnery at RLFC
  • About this photo:Shot of AH-64 Apache after it just finished firing for the day . Shoot to kill!
  • Submitted by:CPL Hee Kang, Lee
  • Title:Korean War Memorial
  • About this photo:ROK soldiers are offering their condolences to the fallen comrades during the Memorial Ceremony at Gaemi Hill on July. 11
  • Submitted by:SPC(P) Young, Michael
  • Title:Always Ready to Shoot to Kill
  • About this photo:Apache's being loaded with ammo and fuel to fight tonight
  • Submitted by:1st. Lt. Radack
  • Title:Missed a Spot
  • About this photo:2ID Medical and CBRN Soldiers work together to practice litter casualty decontamination procedures during the USAMRICD mobile Field Management of Chemical and Biological Casualties (FCBC) Course.
210 FAB
  • Submitted by:SFC Ty Wolf
  • Title:MLRS Live Fire
  • About this photo:Alpha (Lightning) Battery 1st BN 38th FAR conducts a live fire training exercise near Rodriguez Live Fire Complex. The Multiple Launch Rocket System(MLRS) is capable of delivering a wide variety of munitions in support of the 2ID counter fire task force.