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Command Sponsorship Program

Command Sponsorship is a program that enables Soldiers to bring their Families to Korea to reside with them during their tour.  As of 1 February 2014, 2ID/RUCD restricted the Command Sponsorship Program for its units in Area I which include: Camp Casey (210 FAB), Camp Hovey (1ABCT), Camp Red Cloud (HHBN 2nd ID), Camp Stanley (23rd Chemical Battalion, 1ABCT), and in the cities of Uijeongbu and Dongducheon. In 2ID, Area I units, only Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers projected to fill "Priority One" billets will be approved for Command Sponsorship. Family members of those approved for "Priority One" command sponsorship billets will reside in Area II.  CSP exceptions to policy will be strictly controlled and delegated by the 2ID/RUCD Commanding General.


The 2ID/RUCD Command Sponsorship Program is still available for Area II and Area III units including: K-16 [2nd Battalion (Assault), 2nd Aviation Regiment, 2CAB] and Camp Humphreys (2CAB) in the cities of  Songnam, and Pyeongtaek, respectively.  Military personnel projected to fill Area II and Area III Priority One, Two, and Three billets may apply for Command Sponsorship.

Servicemembers who elect to bring non-command sponsored Family members to Korea, should be advised of support limitations. More information is available on the USFK website.


CSP Contact Information

Email: Contact the 2D Infantry Division/ROK-US Combined Division CSP Manager at

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Current Korea Date/Time: Sunday, February 18, 2018,  8:01:01 PM.

Effective August 2015, there will no longer be Family Support Agencies, CDCs, nor Schools in Area 1

2ID/RUCD Command Sponsorship Family

CSP Priority Categories

Priority One

Brigade and Battalion Commanders
Command Sergeants Major
Staff Command Selection List and Nominative Position Officers

Priority Two

All Critical MOS's and or positions determined by Mission Commander.

Priority Three

All other positions

Steps to Request Command Sponsorship

  1. All Requests - Complete the following forms:
    • DA Form 4787
    • DA Form 5888
    • DD Form 2792
    • DD Form 2792-1
    • Acknowledgement of Command Sponsorship Benefits Limitations
  2. In Country Requests - In addition to step 1, complete the following:
    • In Country Command Sponsorship Request
    • PCS Orders to Korea
    • Pinpoint Orders (indicating arrival date)
  3. Submit your completed packet to your current S1. If your losing MPD says “you don't need those forms,” politely ask them to include them in your packet anyway.


Form Number


DA Form 4787

Reassignment Processing

DA Form 5888

Family Member Deployment Screening Sheet

DD Form 2792

Exceptional Family Member Medical Summary

DD Form 2792-1

Exceptional Family Member Education/Early Intervention Summary

Area I Memo

In-country Command Sponsorship Request (In-country Requests Only)

CSP Process Explained

The entire process can take two to four weeks if the paperwork is submitted correctly. For a complete explanation of the CSP Process, download CSP 101.

Check Your CSP Application Status

Check the status at and use your Common Access Card (CAC) to login to the site.
To Learn more about using the site, read the 8th Army Sponsorship Portal Instructions.


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