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All incoming personnel coming from an assignment other than
Advanced Individual Training (AIT), will need to ship ALL of
your CTA-50 via Unaccompanied Baggage. 
You will need this as soon as you arrive, to be ready to Fight Tonight.

Staying Connected

One of the most inportant things you can do to minimize delays in your ability to start working at your new assignment, is to ensue you are ready to communicate. In the 2ID, many times, being able to communicate means being able to log into your computer/workstation, as well as log in and use your Outlook e-mail account. Click Here for instructions on how to properly prepare for continuing communication as you prepare to PCS to Korea.

Mandatory Training

The theater specific required training that arriving personnel and units assigned to, rotating to, or in temporary duty status to USFK must complete prior to deployment to the Republic of Korea (ROK). It is imperative this training be completed to facilitate accomplishment of assigned missions or tasks, and at the same time, ensure you understand specific policies and customs that will prepare you to act in a manner that is compatible and respectful of the culture and laws of the Republic of Korea and thereby maintain good order and discipline. USFK Theater Specific Mandatory Training.

Bringing Your Family

All Soldiers, married and/or with dependents, assigned to 2ID are eligible to apply for Command Sponsorship, a program which allows your Family to reside with you in the Republic of Korea. Preparation of paperwork and processing of application can take time so plan ahead. Command Sponsorship requires you to commit to a two or three-year tour depending on assignment.

For more detailed information see Command Sponsorship.

Bringing Your Pets

Although you are welcome to PCS with your pets, they must be authorized on your orders. If traveling with pets, you must fly into Incheon Airport. Pets are not allowed on the bus from the Airport to the Replacement Center in Yongsan, where you will report to upon arrival. We recommend going through your sponsor to arrange transportation. Transporting your pet(s) in and out of the country is at your own expense.

The 106th Medical Detachment offers Veterinary service to those PCSing with Pets.


It is vital for us to let you and your Family knows what to expect prior to arriving in Korea to meet your needs so you can make informed decisions. Once you are on orders for 2ID, make sure to Request a Sponsor.

Packing List

All incoming personnel coming from an assignment other than Advanced Individual Training (AIT), will need to ship ALL of your CTA-50 via Unaccompanied Baggage.  You will need this as soon as you arrive, to be ready to Fight Tonight.


  • ACUs (4 sets)
  • Boots (2 pr) (If winter time, bring Intermediate Cold Weather boots)
  • Patrol Caps
  • IPFU (complete sets, Summer and Winter)
  • ASUs and all awards and decorations
  • Dress shoes
  • Beret
  • Civilian attire
  • Personal Hygiene Items
  • Medication (30 days) if prescribed


Civilian employees should have a valid multiple-entry visa issued by the Korean Embassy or Consulate. The employee or dependents must obtain a multiple-entry visa within their initial 90 days in country. Your local ACS or Legal Office can provide you with applications and more information.

Family members arriving in Korea with their spouses must have a valid passport for entry. Immigrations will authorize the 90-day tourist visa to the Family member. When the Soldier arrives at their post, he or she must check with their local ACS for procedures on how to apply for a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) stamp authorizing the Family member to stay beyond the 90-day tourist visa.

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Current Korea Date/Time: Saturday, August 18, 2018,  2:10:36 AM.
Area I Army Community Service TEL:
Area II Legal Services TEL
Area III Army Community Service TEL

Command-Sponsored Family members can obtain a no-fee passport from their losing unit and can apply for a multiple-entry visa prior to or within 90 days after arriving in country. This process can take up to three months.

Soldiers will not need a passport for direct travel between the U.S. and Korea on orders or on leave. A personal passport must be used for travel to or layovers at any other location while on vacation.

Required Documents

  • Common Access Card (CAC)
  • 10 copies of your orders assigning you to 2ID
  • 10 copies of your approved DA31
  • Medical records
  • Dental records
  • Copy of your 348-E signed by your previous commander (military driver’s license)
  • Your civilian driver’s license
  • All receipts over $75 from the start of your travel to Korea
  • Clearing papers from losing organization (required for housing)

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)

Upon arrival to Korea Soldiers will not be authorized BAH at the without dependent rate. If you have dependents, and you have questions about your BAH, please visit your local finance office. Those with dependents should bring their marriage certificate, lease, and/or birth certificates of their children.

Arrival in Korea

Upon arrival, go to the U.S. Forces Korea Reception Center located at the west end of airport on the same floor as baggage claim – Gate 14. The Soldier on duty will assist you with transportation, lodging and signing you in from leave.

Prior to departure from Incheon Airport, make sure that the DA Form 31 (Leave Form) has been signed at the Reception Counter so you are not charged unnecessary leave.

Emergency Procedures

Contact the Movement Team to report any delays by calling or email.

Email: Contact the Movement Team at

I'm Calling From: →
Current Korea Date/Time: Saturday, August 18, 2018,  2:10:36 AM.
Movement Team TEL:

Taxis at the Airport

Refrain from taking a taxi upon arrival in Korea. Free transportation is provided from the airport by the Reception Center and you will NOT be reimbursed if you take a taxi from the airport. If however, you are arriving with pets you may opt to use a taxi. Be advised that you may pay around $130 for the trip from the Airport to the Replacement Center in Yongsan. Ask the USFK Reception Center for assistance if you must take a taxi on post since only certain taxis can enter the post.


Upon arrival to the Replacement Company, Soldier of the rank of E7 and above will stay at the Dragon Hill Lodge for one night, and all E6 and below will reside at Yongsan Replacement Center Barracks. The following morning you will report to the Reception Center for mandatory briefings. All 2D Infantry Division/ROK-U.S Combined Division Soldiers will then be identified and separated for transport via bus to the Warrior Readiness Center (WRC) at Camp Hovey.

Accompanied with Family

Generally Command-Sponsored Families are not authorized concurrent travel. Soldiers arriving with Families will be linked with either their sponsor or a unit representative to secure government quarters or off-post housing. After housing is secured the Family will remain in housing and the Solider must then report to WRC for in processing.

For more information about securing an Accompanied Tour see the Command Sponsorship Page.


Unaccompanied Soldiers will be transported to WRC to complete in-processing, after which they will be released to their units to secure permanent lodging.

Arrival at your unit

After arriving at your unit, you will probably have a lot of questions about the base, facilities, and about Korea. Take some time and look through the links below to help orient you to your new assignment.