Brigadier General Yoo, Oug Sang

Deputy Commanding General - ROK

2nd Infantry Division

ROK - U.S. Combined Division

Brigadier General Yoo, Oug Sang graduated from Korea Military Academy and was commissioned as an Infantry Officer in 1989. His professional military education includes the Infantry Basic Officer’s Course, the Officer’s Advanced Course and ROK Army College. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in National Security studies from Korea Military Academy, Master’s degree from Korea National Defense University and U.S. Army War College. He furthered his study by completing International relations Ph.D from Kyung Nam University.

Brigadier General Yoo was first assigned as the reconnaissance platoon leader for 22nd Regiment of the 3rd Division in 1989 before becoming Aide de Camp for 3rd Division in 1990. From 1994 to 1996, Brigadier General Yoo served as the commander of 6th Company, 8th Regiment of the 7th Division.

Brigadier General Yoo has abundance of experience working with allied forces such as serving as the commander of security company commander of the United Nations Command Security Battalion at Joint Security Area when he first became a field grade officer. He was also appointed as the policy coordination officer for PACC-3 / PAMS – 27 Planning Group once he completed ROK Army College course. He then moved to Iraq serving as the Chief Liaison Officer for 12th Civil Brigade before working as the National Defense Reform officer in Ministry of National defense. In 2006, he was promoted as a Lieutenant Colonel and assigned as the Situational Intelligence Management Officer in National Security Council, he then took the command of 2nd Battalion, 3rd Regiment of ROK 7th Division. From 2009 to 2011, he played a role of Manager of Forces Planning Department in ROK Army HQ as well as Senior Aide de Camp to the Chief of Staff, ROK Army once he became a Colonel. He became the commander of 23rd Regiment, 3rd Division I 2011 before appointed as the Chief of US 2nd Infantry Division / ROK-US Combined Division Activation TF and subsequently serving as the Chief of Staff – ROK of US 2nd Infantry Division / ROK-US Combined Division in 2015. He came back to ROK Army HQ as the Chief of Strategic Plan Department before joining Defense Acquisition Program Administration as the Director General of Korean Helicopter Program Group.

Currently, Brigadier General Yoo is serving as the Deputy Commanding General – ROK of the US 2nd Infantry Division / ROK-US Combined Division. He is married and has 2 children.