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Brigadier General Kim, Nam Hoon

Deputy Commanding General - ROK

2nd Infantry Division

ROK-US Combined Division

Brigadier General Kim, Nam Hoon graduated from the Korea Military Academy and was commissioned as an Artillery Officer in 1992. His professional military education includes the Artillery Basic Officer’s Course, the Officer’s Advanced Course and the Army College. He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the Korea Military Academy, He majored in a master's degree in Business Management at Kyunghee University. He also studied at the U.K. Royal United Service Institute for Defense and Security Studies as a visiting fellow.

He served in a variety of operational, strategical and institutional assignments, including the ROK-US Combined Forces Command, the Army College, the 6th Infantry Division, the 30th Mechanical Division, the ROK Joint Chief of Staff, the 109th Reserve Officers Training Center, the Army Missile Command and the 5th Corps Artillery Brigade.

Brigadier General Kim has built his career as an expert in Combined and Joint Fire Power. Prior to his arrival to the 2nd Infantry Division / ROK-U.S. Combined Division, he served as the Commanding General of the 5th Corps Artillery Brigade and the Chief of Staff of the 5th Corps.

Brigadier General Kim, Nam Hoon’s awards include the Commendation of ROK President, the U.S. Army Commendation Medal and the Commendation from CFC Commander.

Currently, Brigadier General Kim is serving as the Deputy Commanding General – ROK of the 2nd Infantry Division / ROK-US Combined Division. He is married and has two daughters.