What is iSalute?

iSALUTE provides a user-friendly means to report Counterintelligence Information for the entire Army Community and establishes Army-wide iSALUTE reporting procedures and availability. iSALUTE does not require a log-on to report CI Information. iSALUTE promotes foreign threat awareness across all commands and leverages every member of the Army community as a sensor to help identify and prevent potential espionage or international terrorist acts against the Army.

iSALUTE is an on-line Counterintelligence (CI) Reporting Portal designed to complement other Army threat awareness and reporting initiatives and foster partnerships with CI, law enforcement organizations and Army communities. iSALUTE focuses on foreign threats to DoD and the Army from espionage activities, terrorist threats, and the insider threat.

The critical element of iSALUTE involves individuals reporting questionable activities to Army Counterintelligence. Reports can be initiated through the iSALUTE on-line reporting portal. Basic information is transmitted to the Army CI Coordinating Authority (ACICA) for review and referral to the local CI Office or other agencies for further investigation as needed. Individuals can also initiate reports in person or by calling their supporting CI Office. CONUS personnel can also report via 1-800-CALLSPY(225-5779).

How and What to Report?

When you are interviewed by Army Counterintelligence, give as many details as you can. Here is a checklist to help.

Size: Number and detailed description of people and vehicles. Identifying information such as unique distinguishing characteristics and license plates are important.

Activity: What are the People/Vehicles doing? What is suspicious? Provide as many details as possible.

Location: Location(s) of people, vehicles, or activities. Include direction of travel and names of roads(if known).

Unit: What unit they belong to, any markings, or insignias? Other identifying information on clothing or person such as brands, names, pictures, numbers or tattoos.

Time: Time and date you observed the behavior. Include timeline of activities during observation. How long did you observe in total? Note time of any significant events or changes during observation.

Equipment: Describe with as much detail as possible any equipment observed; such as cameras, writing/sketching instruments, tools, communications equipment, computer equipment, or weapons present.


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