SHARP Program

2d Infantry Division (2ID)
2ID/ROK-U.S. Combined Division (RUCD)
Sexual Harassment/Harassment Assault and Prevention (SHARP) Program Representatives
SARC (Sexual Assault Response Coordinator) and VA (Victim Advocate)

2ID, Brigades (BDE), and HHBN Contact Information
South Korea/USFK SHARP Hotline: 050-3363-5700 or DSN: 158

2ID Program Manager

MSG Howard, Clyde
Cell: 010-8685-7285
Office DSN: 315-756-7135
Building #7315, Room # 207
Camp Humphreys, South Korea


SFC Mesher, Joseph
Cell: 010-5742-9663
Office DSN: 315-756-7133
Building #7315, Room #202
Camp Humphreys, South Korea

SARC, 2ID DSB, 2d Sustainment Brigade

SFC Gearing, Bridgett
Cell: 010-8557-7973
Office DSN: 315-756-7015
Building #7315, Room #237
Camp Humphreys, South Korea

VA, 2ID DSB, 2d Sustainment Brigade

SSG Vasquez, Nicolas
Cell: 010-5228-5708
Building #7315, Room #242
Camp Humphreys, South Korea

SARC, 2CAB, 2d Combat Aviation Brigade

SFC Peoples, Aaron
Cell: 010-7145-8522
Office DSN: 315-756-6428
Building #300, Room #116
Camp Humphreys, South Korea

SARC, 210FAB, 210th Field Artillery Brigade

SFC Tulledge, Barry
Cell: 010-8478-3714
Office DSN: 315-722-1695
Building #3754A
Camp Hovey, South Korea

VA, 210FAB, 210th Field Artilery Brigade

SSG Vuong, Hung
Cell: 010-2279-4301
Office DSN: 315-722-1695
Building #3754A
Camp Hovey, South Korea


SFC Flores, Jacob
Cell: 010-7413-8369
Camp Humphreys, South Korea


SFC Whitaker, Lorena
Cell: 010-2991-5159
Office DSN: 315-756-7292
Camp Humphreys, South Korea

Contact Information
Current Korea Date/Time: Wednesday, May 12, 2021,  4:18:36 PM.
USFK 24/7 Sexual Assault Response Hotline - DSN in Korea 158 or 757-8912
USFK 24/7 Sexual Assault Response Hotline - Commercial in Korea 0503-357-8912
USFK 24/7 Sexual Assault Response Hotline - Call from the U.S 011-82-53-470-8912 or 011-82-503-357-8912

The Sexual Harassment/Assault Prevention and Response Program (SHARP) reinforces the Army’s commitment to eliminate incidents of sexual assault through a comprehensive policy that centers on awareness and prevention, training and education, victim advocacy, response, reporting, and accountability.


The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program is designed to ensure you have the option of privacy in this matter. You must contact the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Coordinator (SARC) for your Area.

Law Enforcement does not have to be informed if you do not wish it.

Only your SARC can guarantee your privacy, while attending to your well-being. The SARC will provide a cushion to your shock until you can make the right decision.


The goal of the Sexual Assault and Prevention Program is to prevent sexual assaults within 2ID/RUCD through increasing awareness of the frequency of sexual assault in the military, educating all service members about sexual assault prevention, and protecting the rights and dignity of survivors. Sexual assault is a crime that erodes the basic foundation of trust vital to the success of military missions.

In the event of a Sexual Assault, follow the Commander's Sexual Assault Victim Assistance Checklist.


  • Prevention through training and education programs.
  • Providing responsive treatment, support and advocacy to survivors.
  • Protecting victims while preserving the right to choose a reporting option.
  • Prompt investigation of sexual assault reports and offender accountability.
  • System Accountability.

Reporting Options

Service member sexual assault victims have two reporting options from which to choose. Victims may elect the unrestricted or restricted reporting option.

Unrestricted reports

  • The unrestricted reporting option allows a victim of sexual assault the same services as restricted reporting, but allows for a full investigation to include the possibility of criminal prosecution. An unrestricted report requires official reporting through law enforcement and chain of command channels.

Restricted reports

  • The restricted reporting option allows the victim to receive medical, counseling, and advocacy support without triggering an official investigation. To exercise this option, the victim may only report the sexual assault to a SARC or VA, Health Care Provider (HCP), or a Chaplain.
  • The restricted reporting options mandated by DOD for U.S. service members and outlined in this regulation do not apply to the Korean Augmentation to the United States Army (KATUSA) soldiers.
  • The Restricted Reporting option is only available to Service members and adult military dependents. Restricted Reporting may not remain an option in a jurisdiction that requires mandatory reporting, or if a victim first reports to a civilian facility or civilian authority, which will vary by State, territory, and oversees agreements. If a victim elects this reporting option, a victim may change from Restricted Report to an Unrestricted Report. Adult sexual assault victims, in the aforementioned categories, resulting from domestic abuse are eligible for restricted reporting. Only the SARC, SAPR VA, and healthcare personnel are authorized to accept a restricted report.
  • To preserve victim’s reporting option rights, 2ID/RUCD service members must contact your Area SARC, if sexually assaulted. The Area SARC is the key for ensuring you are informed of the two reporting options, documenting victims’ elections, assigning Victim Advocates (VA) and activating the applicable support services based on the elected reporting options. Organizations receiving reports of sexual assault must immediately notify the Area SARC.

    Except for personnel serving as Area SARCs, VAs, HCPs and Chaplains, all USFK civilian and military personnel are “mandatory reporters” of sexual assault. Sexual assault is a crime and mandatory reporters will immediately notify law enforcement of sexual assault incidents.

    VAs and HCPs receiving reports of sexual assault incidents must notify the Area SARC in lieu of law enforcement.

    Chaplains receiving reports of sexual assault incidents should advise victims of the available support services and only with the victim’s written permission, notify the Area SARC.


DoD Safe Helpline 1-877-995-5247
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