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The 2ID/RUCD Claims Office is responsible for investigating, processing, and settling all claims filed against and in favor of the United States pursuant to the Personnel Claims Act, the Military Claims Act, and other statutes, as well as claims filed under Article 139 of the UCMJ.

The 2ID/RUCD Claims Office provides prompt, professional resolution of claims filed against the United States.

Personnel Claims (Personnel Claims Act)

Army Regulation 27-20, Chapter 11

Under the PCA, personnel claims are claims against the United States, by military members and civilian employees, for the fair market value of personal property lost, damaged, or destroyed incident to service. Typical claims under the PCA include, but are not limited to, household good shipments, hold baggage shipments, privately-owed vehicle shipments, and fire or flood at on-post quarters. The claims process allows for various options to file a claim:

1. Directly with the carrier for full replacement value.
2. On-line,, for U.S. Army personnel with the U.S. Army Claims Service.
3. In-person at a local claims office.


Reporting the loss/damage: Any damage or loss noticed AFTER delivery should be noted on the DD Form 1840R or DOD Notification of Loss or Damage AFTER Delivery. All notices of Loss/Damage must be filed with the TSP within 75 days of delivery either by mail, email, or DPS online (

Filing a claim: A claim for Full Replacement Value (FRV) must be filed with the Transportation Service Provider (TSP) within nine (9) months of delivery. After nine months, you can still file a claim with the Military Claims Office (MCO) for the depreciated value of the items. Regardless of whether you file directly with the TSP or with a military claims office, you must file your claim within two (2) years of delivery.

The 2ID/RUCD Claims Office will help you with any questions related to these deadlines. If your claim will meet notice deadlines or the Statute of Limitation when the 2ID/RUCD Claims Office is closed, you must contact the TSP directly. Contact information is available here:

Name Date
Disaster Claims Packet 22 Jan 2019
HHG Claims Packet 22 Jan 2019
Miscellaneous Claims Packet 22 Jan 2019
Theft Claims Packet 22 Jan 2019


Tort Claims (Military Claims Act)

Army Regulation 27-20, Chapter 3

Under the MCA, tort claims are claims against the United States, by personnel who are determined to be inhabitants (normally residents) of the United States at the time of the incident giving rise to the claim, for death or personal injury, or damage to, or loss or destruction of property, either caused by acts or omissions of military personnel or civilian employees of the DOD acting within the scope of their employment that has been determined to be negligent or wrongful, or caused by acts incident to the noncombat activities of the Armed Services. Typical claims under the MCA include, but are not limited to, vehicle damage (Government vehicle striking your privately-owned vehicle), laundry (loss or damage from Quartermaster Laundry or any Non-Appropriated Fund laundry facility), and medical claims.

A Tort Claim is settled or denied by the Commander, U.S. Army Claims Service Asia (USACSASIA), but you may submit your claim through the claim office at your nearest military installation. The 2ID/RUCD Claims Office will investigate the claim and forward it to the Commander, USACSASIA for further processing and final settlement.

Information of USACSASIA :
HQ, 8th Army, OSJA
ATTN: (Section or Individual)
Unit 15236
APO AP 96271-5236

Name Date
POV Damage Claims Packet 22 Jan 2019

ART 139

Claims under Article 139, Uniform Code of Military Justice, Army Regulation 27-20, chapter 9

These are administrative claims made against military personnel only for loss of, or damage to, real or personal property that has been willfully damaged or wrongfully taken. Claims for death or personal injury, subrogated claims, and claims founded in negligence or breach of a contractual or fiduciary relationship are excluded. All claims under this chapter must be presented to an Army claims office within 90 days of the incident.

Name Date
Article 139 Claims Form 22 Jan 2019
General Information by USARCS 22 Jan 2019

Claims Notes

Name Date
Disaster Plan 22 Jan 2019
Defense Personal Property System (DPS) 22 Jan 2019
Full Replacement Value (FRV) 31 Jan, 2013
Inconvenience Claims 22 Jan 2019
Losses Due to Theft 22 Jan 2019
Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE) 22 Jan 2019
Personnel Claims Army Information Management System (PCLAIMS) 22 Jan 2019
PCS Move 22 Jan 2019

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