Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance

The 2ID/RUCD Legal Assistance Office provides a wide array of legal assistance to active duty service members, retirees, Department of the Army Civilians, and their dependents. These services include, but are not limited to: counseling information about family law issues, including marriage, separation, divorce, financial non-support, child custody visitation, and adoption; estate law, including wills and advance medical directives; economic matters, such as debt and non-governmental claims; and military administrative issues pertaining to financial liability investigations (FLIPL), general officer memorandums of reprimand (GOMOR), rights available to service members under the SCRA, and evaluation report appeals.

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Legal Assistance Handouts

Name Date
Adoption 05/21/2018
BAH and OHA 08/18/2017
Bars to Reenlistment 08/18/2017
Black Marketing 08/18/2017
Child Custody 05/21/2018
Child Support 05/21/2018
Claims - Article 139 09/21/2017
Claims - Losses Due to Theft 09/21/2017
Claims - PCS Moves 05/21/2018
Compassionate Reassignments 05/21/2018
Debt Collection 05/21/2018
Dependents - How to Claim Them 05/21/2018
Divorce Appendix 01/31/2013
Divorce - Analysis of Divisibility of Military Retired Pay 01/31/2013
Divorce in U.S 06/26/2018
Divorce Law by State 01/31/2013
Divorce - Official State Court Websites 01/31/2013
Enlisted Separations 05/21/2018
Family Support Obligations 05/21/2018
FLIPLs 05/21/2018
Identity Theft 05/21/2018
Living Wills and Health Care POAs 06/26/2018
Marriage - InternationalSoldier to Foreign National 06/26/2018
Marriage, U.S. Citizen to U.S. Citizen 06/26/2018
Memorandum of Reprimand (GOMOR) 05/21/2018
Name Change 06/26/2018
New Parents 04/03/2013
Passport Application Procedure 11/04/2011
Paternity 04/03/2013
Powers of Attorney 11/04/2011
Proxy Marriages 01/31/2013
Retirement Pay in Divorce 11/04/2011
Servicemembers Civil Relief Act 11/04/2011
Servicemembers Group Life Insurance 01/31/2013
SGLI Beneficiaries 04/03/2013
State of Legal Residence 05/21/2018
State Tax Exemption 06/26/2018
Tax Solution for the 2012 Off-Season 01/31/2013
U.S. Citizenship by Nat - Mil Personnel 11/04/2011
Visa to U.S. for Fiance(e) 11/04/2011
Visa to U.S. For Spouse or Child (English) 04/03/2013
Visa to U.S. For Spouse or Child (Korean) 11/04/2011
Wills and Trusts 11/04/2011
You and your Attorney 11/04/2011


Marriage: U.S. Citizen to U.S. Citizen

Name Date
Affidavit of Eligibility for Marriage 01/31/2013

Marriage: U.S. Citizen to Foreign National

Name Date
USFK Form 163E - Pre-Martial Certification Application 01/31/2013
USFK Form 165 - Affidavit of Eligibility for Marriage 11/04/2011
USFK Form 166 - Affidavit of Acknowledgement 01/31/2013
USFK Form 41 - Immigration Counseling Certificate 01/31/2013


Name Date
Will Worksheet - Complex 01/31/2013
Will Worksheet - Simple 01/31/2013


Name Date
Separation Agreement Worksheet 11/04/2011
Waiver - Unrepresented Party 01/31/2013


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