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. The 121st General Hospital provides regular medical care for people stationed in the Seoul area as well as specialty care for others. It has an in-patient capacity of 75 and an extensive out-patient network of facilities which provide medical, surgical, obstetrical, gynecological, pediatric, and psychiatric care. A drug and alcohol treatment center provides treatment for military, U.S. government civilians, and their Families as needed. Overseas medical screening is required for all Family members coming to Korea. Some specialty services are not available here.

Government-employed civilians and their Family members are charged variable rates for appointments, out-patient treatment and in-patient care, depending on the services provided. Military troops and their Family members receive out-patient care free of charge.

Patients requiring medical care beyond the capabilities of the 121st General Hospital may be referred to accredited Korean hospitals or evacuated to other military hospitals in Japan or Hawaii.


The 163rd Medical Battalion offers general dental services at 13 dental clinics throughout Korea.

Government-employed civilians and their Family members are charged variable rates for dental services depending on the services provided. No distinction is made between Command-Sponsored and Noncommand-Sponsored Family members.

Limited specialty care is available at U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Yongsan in Seoul. Orthodontic care is generally limited to those who arrive in Korea with existing dental appliances.

TRICARE Dental Program Preferred Providers (All Areas in Korea)


The 106th Medical Detachment offer Veterinary Services to those stationed in Korea with pets.

Transporting your pet(s) into and out of the country is at your own expense. Pets are not allowed in the Hannam Village in Seoul.

PCSing with Pets

Camp Humphreys Veterinary Clinic

Korean Medical Treatment

Korean medical practice differs somewhat from the U.S. Korean law and medical practices permit over-the-counter sale of some drugs that are available only by prescription in the States. For this reason, Korean pharmacies are off limits to U.S. personnel and their Families.

Although there are many fine hospitals, and medical specialists are often consulted and recommended by American military doctors, you are not authorized to go to a Korean doctor or clinic for treatment on your own. Your unfamiliarity may lead you to seek care from an unqualified or unlicensed source. Except in an emergency, use of Korean medical practitioners and medicines should only be at the advice and referral of a U.S. military physician.

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