NEO Packet

NEO Packet
All paperwork required in the NEO Packet may not be available online. Refer to your unit's NEO warden for the lastest forms and resources.

For Everyone

For Vehicles

For Pets

Items to Hand-carry

  • DoD Identification Card/Social Security Cards
  • Civilian Identification Cards/Driver’s License
  • Strip Map from Post to Residence and from Residence to Post
  • Passports
  • Family Care Plans (if applicable)
  • Powers of Attorney (if applicable)
  • Military Orders bringing the sponsor to Korea
  • Wills
  • Insurance Policies
  • Legal Documents: marriage certificates, divorce decrees, titles, deeds, birth certificates
  • Financial Records, check books, credit cards
  • T-Money Card with at least 10,000 KNW
  • Cash-$100-$200
  • Copy of Medical records and Vaccination records (family members and pets)
  • Copy of School Records and Diplomas
  • CD of treasured photos
  • Back-up CDs of computer data
  • Address Book
  • List of on-line accounts (IDs, passwords, websites)
  • POV Import documents
  • Inventory of HHGs/Bill of Lading/Non-temp Storage documentation

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