Commercial Flight Arrival

Welcome to Korea, the Land of the Morning Calm, and home of the U.S. Army's 2nd Infantry Division. Before beginning your tour in the Republic of Korea, please take time to go over the information we have compiled here to better prepare you and your family for success at your new duty station

Your first port of arrival into the Republic of Korea will be at the Incheon International Airport, located approximately 50km west of Seoul and approximately 77KM from Camp Humphreys.

Incheon Airport Arrival Video


Documents for Korean Immigration

Military Personnel (PCS/TDY/Leave)

1. Military orders - PCS or TDY
2. Leave Form (for PCS/leave travelers)
3. DoD ID card
4. Korean Customs arrival card: Passport # = SSN, Occupation = MIL, Purpose of Visit - Business, Address in Korea - 19th HRC, USAG-Humphreys
5. Korean Customs Declaration Card (issued on the Plane)

Civilian Personnel

1. Valid Passport
2. Korean Customs Arrival Card: Passport number, Occupation = MIL, Purpose of Visit - Business, Address in Korea - 19th HRC, USAG-Humphreys
3. Korean Customs Declaration Card (issued on the Plane)

Clearing Korean Immigration

- Stand in a line for Non-Korean Citizens.
- Have all of the above documentation completed and readily available. Remove any hats and/or sunglasses you may be wearing.
- Provide the Immigration Officer with the above items.
**Military service members must present their military ID to enter Korea, NOT a passport.
**Immigration will stamp civilian passports with 30-day tourist visa, unless an A-3 visa already exists.

Baggage Claim / Customs Inspection

Proceed to the USFK Customs inspections area. (Terminal 1: Behind baggage carousels 1 & 23 or Terminal 2: Behind carousels 9 &10.)
**This is mandatory for all PCS personnel and is a requirement under the USFK Status of Forces Agreement with Korea**
- Present the Korean Customs Declaration Card (issued on the Plane) to the USFK Customs Officer. Your baggage may be inspected by the Customs Officers. If declaring items in your Unaccompanied Baggage and/or Household Goods shipments, you may be required to fill out an additional USFK Form 96-EK form at that time.

Arrival Hall / Transportation

Exit through either arrival gates A-B (for code-share flights) or arrival gates E-F (for U.S. flights). - --- Proceed to the USFK Joint Reception Desk, where uniformed 19th HRC personnel are standing by. (Terminal 1: Near Exit 1 or Terminal 2: At Exit 4 across from Paris Baquett.)
- Joint Reception personnel will sign your DA-31 and put you on a bus for Camp Humphreys, nearly a 1.5-hour drive).
**If you encounter any difficulty while navigating the airport, seek assistance at an airport information desk, where personnel speak English and can guide you to the USFK Joint Reception desk.
**All PCS personnel will ride the Camp Humphreys PCS Bus regardless of rank unless pre-coordinated with 19th HRC leadership.
**DO NOT take a Korean taxi or other transportation from Incheon International Airport unless it is first cleared through the USFK Joint Reception desk. You will not be reimbursed, nor do those taxis have post access.

Pet Travel
Travelers with pets will be identified and placed at the front of the line in order to meet bus timelines. Soldiers must make prior coordination with their unit for the transport of kennels/pets that cannot fit on the bus.
- Incheon International Airport is the alternate authorized port of entry for pets when the Patriot Express reaches maximum pet capacity.
- Pets traveling without their owner or a designated representative must enter Korea through the Incheon International Airport.
- Pet owners or designated representatives must comply with all inspection and quarantine procedures.

65th Medical Brrigade Vetrinary Forms
Camp Humphreys Veterinary Clinic Brochure

19th HRC Front Desk at Camp Humphreys:
DSN: 315-757-2387
Commercial: 050-3357-2387
Calling from the US: 011-82-503-357-2387


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