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Traveling overseas with a pet requires additional planning and preparation. We all love our pets like family, but remember that bringing pets to South Korea is a privilege, not an entitlement. As such, the Contract Travel Office (CTO), does not book pet flights, but they can book your Soldier and family on a pet-friendly flight with the CTO contracted airline Patriot Express or other airline if authorize to travel commercially. All costs associated with pet travel are at your expense. Commercial airline carriers may have specific pet policies or limitations that further restrict pet travel. Traveling with pets requires a lot of pre-planning. Do not forget to connect with your sponsors and read all the associated material related to travel and South Korean Requirements. Just remember that everyone’s experience traveling with pets is different and pre-planning as far in advance as possible will pay off.

  • Entry requirements
  • Note: Soldiers traveling without dependents will stay in barracks or senior leader quarters and pets are not authorized in those facilities.

    Planning Pet Travel
    There are currently only two ports of entry for pets (dogs and cats) into the Republic of Korea (ROK):

    1.Osan Air Force Base – Patriot Express Contracted Flight Note: Due to the absence of pet accommodations at Osan Air Base, the Osan Air Base Terminal is unable to accept pets traveling without their owners or a designated representative Note: Designated representatives traveling with pets on the PATRIOT EXPRESS must possess a “Designation of Representative for Privately-Owned Small Animal” form signed by the pet owner

    2.Incheon International Airport – commercial and cargo arrivals Note: Pets traveling without their owner or a designated representative must enter Korea through the Incheon International Airport.

    There are no specific dog restrictions listed entering Korea; however, some airlines have specific guidelines for transporting certain breeds and larger dogs.

    Pet Quarantine - The Quarantine Inspection Agency determines if your pet meets all requirements for entry into Korea. To help avoid quarantine, be sure you have a valid, original rabies certificate, original, current, passing FAVN results; and completed (no empty fields) health certificate (APHIS form 7001 and DD209). Follow instructions and checklists listed below in related documents.



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