Total Army Sponsorship

Welcome to Korea the Land of the Morning Calm, and the United States Army's 2nd Infantry Division. Before you begin your tour serving here in the Republic of Korea, please take time to go over the information we have compiled here to better prepare you and your family for success at your new duty station.

The Army Sponsorship program is designed to ease the transition between duty assignments.   All 2ID Soldiers will be  initially assigned a sponsor via the 2ID Virtual Sponsorship Team.

  • Sponsorship of newly assigned Soldiers begins prior to leaving the old duty station and includes the completion of the DA 5434 Sponsorship Request Form on the Army Career Tracker website.
  • Through the 2ID Sponsorship program, newcomers will get the level of support needed to seamlessly welcome Soldiers and Families to Warrior Country!

If you are on assignment to Korea with less than 30 days to depart the U.S. and have not been contacted by your sponsor, please contact a Korea Sponsorship Coordinator at
or via DSN at (315) 732-2704 or (315) 757-2705.

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