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Ironhorse KATUSAs earn honors at selection board
1 Sep, 2016
Nominees for the General Paik Sun Yup Leadership Award Board stand in front of the board to hear their final decision on...
U.S., Korean troops train as single force
23 Aug, 2016
Soldiers of the 1st Cavalry Division on a rotational tour in Korea got a welcome chance to join their South Korean army ...
KATUSA celebrates 66th anniversary, as further augmented roles expected
18 Aug, 2016
This photo taken on Aug. 15, 2016, shows 2nd Infantry Division Commander Theodore D. Martin making a salute to a KATUSA ...
Army Secretary gets close-up look at Korean front line
5 Aug, 2016
Army Secretary Eric Fanning loads a rocket onto a Kiowa Warrior helicopter ahead of a demonstration flight Wednesday, A...

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Who says you can't love what you do?
1 Sep, 2016
Pfc. Danielle Choyfoo helps us get ready to #FightTonight by creating network cables for a field training exercise.......
Sergeant Audie Murphy Board
1 Sep, 2016
Sfc. Christopher Slindee, Headquarters and Headquarters Company first sergeant, 194th Combat Sustainment Support Battali...
Women's Equality Day
1 Sep, 2016
Hey Talons! Thanks to everyone that came out and supported Women's Equality Day and participated in the 5K run. It was a...
Plot the coordinates, spot the point and get to the destination.
1 Sep, 2016
Pfc. John Kevin Bolibol has only been in the 520th Support Maintenance Company for a month but was more than ready to ta...

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194th CSSB remains ready
1 Sep, 2016
The 194th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion from the 2nd Infantry Division, honed their readiness skills during their...
Medal of Honor - Louis Cukela
28 July, 2016
Heroes of their generation and for a new generation:2ID Medal of Honor recipien Sergeant Louis Cukela......
History in the making
26 July, 2016
History in the making as U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys (Camp Humphreys) welcomes the symbolic first move of troops South ...
29 June, 2016
2nd Infantry Division/ROK-U.S. Combined Division senior leaders deliver a message to the Warrior Division on LGBT Awaren...

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MG Theodore (Ted) D. Martin
MG Theodore (Ted) D. Martin
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