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2nd CAB Soldier selected for All-Army softball trial
23 Jul, 2015
It was getting dark as misty clouds came rolling in. The Astrotruf was soft but stiff, and a smell of leather gloves was...
Experiencing Korea to understand Korea
16 Jul, 2015
It's only been a week since the 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, assumed authority in South Korea,...
Gone but not forgetten
14 Jul, 2015
One summer afternoon in Korea, the sun was high and there was not a cloud in sight. The heat could be seen on every pers...

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22 Jul, 2015
Soldiers from the 4th Aerial Reconnaissance, 2nd Aviation Regiment, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade participated in a traini...
Flight Line July 22
22 Jul, 2015
Helicopters are getting ready to #FightTonight July 22 at Super Hangar in Camp Humphreys....
DCG(M) Patch Ceremony
21 Jul, 2015
welcomes Brig. Gen. Brian J. Mennes, Deputy Commanding General - Maneuver, during a patch ceremony held at Camp Red Clo...

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Medal of Honor: Joel Thompson Boone
20 Jul, 2015
Medal of Honor: Joel Thompson Boone Medal of Honor Recipien Joel Thompson Boone Heroes of their generation and for a new...
Independence Day
9 Jul, 2015
Celebrating Independence Day is a special event for people serving in the military. Cpl. Kim, Sang Yeop tells us how the...
2ID Band Last Concert
9 Jul, 2015
Since it's been activated on 2 August, 1943 at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin, the Second Infantry Division Band served the Divis...

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