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1-9 Cavalry first 'in the shoot' for gunnery
31 July, 2017
1-9 Cavalry first 'in the shoot' for gunnery
An Abrams tank fires during a recent gunnery proficiency table for ...
USFK's 2nd Infantry Division greets new commander
21 July, 2017
Maj. Gen. D. Scott McKean (L), the new commanding general of the U.S. Forces Korea's 2nd Infantry Division, shakes hands...
'Wolfpack' engineers rise to battle-ready standards in Korean theatre
1 July, 2017
Spc. Daniel Clemen cuts rebar to reinforce the new concrete grenade bunkers at Arapaho Range. The platoon demolished the...

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Sling load training
18 Aug, 2017
The B Company 'Innkeepers', 3-2 General Support Aviation Battalion conducted sling load training with the Myung-Po Field...
DMZ DUSTOFF's Award Presentation
18 Aug, 2017
On May 31st, 2017 EVAC 34 saved the life of a Korean farmer in the DMZ. Yesterday, the crew was presented AAMs, coins, a...
Traditional Korean pies
18 Aug, 2017
National activist Dr. Lee Ae Ran, who defected from North Korea in 1997, presented 4,000 traditional Korean pies to 2nd ...

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67th KATUSA Anniversary
18 Aug, 2017
We salute our Second 2 None KATUSAs! Thank you for your sacrifice to the ROK and US armies. Help us celebrate our KATUSA...
602D ASB TF Warhorse
16 Aug, 2017
Last week the 576th Engineers, part of 602D ASB TF Warhorse, lit up California and Shoshone range with over 1000 lbs of...
67th KATUSA Anniversary
10 Aug, 2017
Infantry KATUSA Sgt. Do Won Jeong, of the 2nd Infantry Division Rotational Armor Brigade Combat Team, explains what bei...

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