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This is field artillery
27 Aug, 2015
The Soldiers of Bravo Battery, 3rd Battalion, 16th Field Artillery Regiment “Rolling Thunder,” 2nd Armored Brigade C...
Like a dragonfly
27 Aug, 2015
During the summer in South Korea it is the best weather for dragonflies. As the sun gets hotter, the butterflies that fl...
Ending on a good note
21 Aug, 2015
The fog was low and covered the sides of the mountains. The air was wet and sticky with an occasional breeze. Helicopter...

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Major General Jonathan A. Maddux Visit
24 Aug, 2015
Major General Jonathan A. Maddux, the Program Executive Officer for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI),...
SAS-D members visit 2nd CAB
24 Aug, 2015
Members from the Senate Committee on Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense visited the 2-6 CAV hangar and the Super Han...
Flightline August 24
24 Aug, 2015
Helicopters are getting ready to #FightTonight August 24 at Super Hangar in Camp Humphreys....

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Medal of Honor: Alvin P Carey
24 Aug, 2015
Heroes of their generation and for a new generation: 2ID Medal of Honor recipien Staff Sgt. Alvin P. Carey...
2ID Yes Means Yes Video
31 Jul, 2015
2ID Yes Means Yes Video, produced by the 2nd Infantry Division Public Affairs Office....
Medal of Honor: Joel Thompson Boone
20 Jul, 2015
Medal of Honor: Joel Thompson Boone Medal of Honor Recipien Joel Thompson Boone Heroes of their generation and for a new...

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