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2nd Combat Aviation Brigade KATUSA story
30 Jul, 2015
I am a Korean Augmentation to the United States Army (KATUSA) CPL Jae Hyok Choi. I am a Senior KATUSA and I work at the...
Everyone deserves an equal opportunity
30 Jul, 2015
The water is a deep blue and the waves are crashing against the raft like bumper cars slamming into each other. You star...
Keeping the best in the 2nd CAB
30 Jul, 2015
The Army Career Counselor Badge is authorized for wear by enlisted service members who hold the career counselor militar...

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240th Chaplain Anniversary
30 Jul, 2015
The Division Chaplain team along with the rest of Area I chaplain unit ministry teams celebrated the 240th Chaplaincy An...
Airframe Inspection Maintenance & Sustainment (AIMS) Transfer
24 Jul, 2015
Soldiers from the 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade completed aircraft reception, inspection, and transfer of two UH-60 aircra...
22 Jul, 2015
Soldiers from the 4th Aerial Reconnaissance, 2nd Aviation Regiment, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade participated in a traini...

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2ID Yes Means Yes Video
31 Jul, 2015
2ID Yes Means Yes Video, produced by the 2nd Infantry Division Public Affairs Office....
Medal of Honor: Joel Thompson Boone
20 Jul, 2015
Medal of Honor: Joel Thompson Boone Medal of Honor Recipien Joel Thompson Boone Heroes of their generation and for a new...
Independence Day
9 Jul, 2015
Celebrating Independence Day is a special event for people serving in the military. Cpl. Kim, Sang Yeop tells us how the...

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