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'Wolfpack' engineers rise to battle-ready standards in Korean theatre
1 July, 2017
Spc. Daniel Clemen cuts rebar to reinforce the new concrete grenade bunkers at Arapaho Range. The platoon demolished the...
Outgoing 2ID commander: Rotational units increase readiness in S. Korea despite critical report
11 July, 2017
Maj. Gen. Ted Martin, outgoing commander of the 2nd Infantry Division in South Korea, speaks to Stars and Stripes at his...
Sergeant's Time training hike offers Soldiers greater insight into Korean history
11 July, 2017
Sergeant Lee Hee Ho explains how both North and South Korea have grown from the war and who sided with them after the wa...

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1st Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment 'The Fighting Sixth'
12 July, 2017
Troops of 1st Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment 'The Fighting Sixth' are doing their best despite the rough weather out on ...
2ID Photo of the Month Contest Winner
11 July, 2017
2ID Photo of the Month Contest Winner
Congratulations to the June 2ID Photo of the Month Contest Winner, Pfc. Ki...
8BEB Demolition Range
11 July, 2017
WARRIOR BASE, Republic of Korea: We followed a platoon from Bravo Company, 8th Brigade Engineer Battalion (BEB) as they ...

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New Mexico Range, Warrior Base-ROK
7 July, 2017
New Mexico Range, Warrior Base-ROK- Probably one of the more challenging M4 ranges I have seen. High slope, thick vegeta...
Black Jack in the saddle!
29 June, 2017
Black Jack in the saddle! Transfer of Authority Ceremony Camp Humphreys, Republic of Korea......
The quest to be the U.S. Army Pacific Best Warrior
27 Jun, 2017
Pacific Best Warrior Competition: SPC Saladino, 23D CBRNE Battalion, continues his quest to be the U.S. Army Pacific Bes...

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