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Welcome to Korea the Land of the Morning Calm, and 2nd Infantry Division Artillery (DIVARTY). Before you begin serving here at Camp Humphreys in the Republic of Korea, please take time to go over the information we have compiled here to better prepare you and your family for success in 2ID DIVARTY.
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•As of FRAGO 3 of HQDA EXORD 210-20 (Coronavirus (COVID-19) Transition Framework), per 3.D.13.D., “All Soldiers on assignment to Korea will continue movement IAW their assignment instructions or request for orders as an exemption to HQDA’s transition framework. The Republic of Korea (ROK) government and U.S. Forces Korea already require 100% screening, testing, and quarantining for all personnel entering the ROK, regardless of the traveler’s point of origin.”

• Per 3.D.13.D.3, “Soldiers assigned to Korea will contact their sponsor immediately upon notification of assignment. Communication is essential to track arrival times to ensure efficient reception procedures”

•Effective Thursday, 20 January 2021(Korean Time), The Government of Korea is requiring all foreign passengers to have proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test obtained within 48 hours of their departure. If you have personnel PCSing to Korea, please ensure they are aware of this requirement and make contact with their sponsor and monitor USFK/8A Facebook pages for additional/updated information regarding this requirement. If you are an Army Soldier or dependent on PCS orders to Eight Army with an imminent flight and are unable to get a PCR test, contact the nearest Military Treatment Facility or call the Military Health System Nurse Advice Line at 1-800-874-2274. If you are on leave or TDY status and returning to Korea, please contact your chain of command. If you receive a positive COVID test at any point in the process, please notify your chain of command immediately.

The Army Sponsorship program is designed to ease the transition between duty assignments.   All 2ID Soldiers will be initially assigned a sponsor via the 2ID Virtual Sponsorship Team.

•Sponsorship of newly assigned Soldiers begins prior to leaving the old duty station and includes the completion of the DA Form 5434 (Sponsorship Request Form) located on the Army Career Tracker website.

•Through the 2ID Sponsorship program, newcomers will get the level of support needed to seamlessly welcome Soldiers and Families to Warrior Country!

The Republic of Korea is a great place to serve and thrive, personally and professionally for Soldiers and their Family members. Expand your horizons by joining the Warrior team – and bring your family along for the duration of your tour.

The 2ID Command Sponsorship Program (CSP) is available for Area III (Camp Humphreys) units to house families on base and in nearby cities.

Please note that Area I (Camp Casey/Hovey) CSP is restricted to only Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers projected to fill "Priority One" billets. Family members of those approved for "Priority One" command sponsorship billets will reside in Area III. Exceptions are not possible.

The CSP process takes approximately two to four weeks once correctly submitted. 

For questions about the command sponsorship program (CSP), please contact the Virtual Sponsorship Team at usarmy.humphreys.2-id.mbx.2id-virtual-sponsorship-team-c1@mail.mil

Track Your Command Sponsorship Request
After receiving your CSP tracking number from your local MPD, go to: www.us.army.mil/suite/page/671823
After logging in through AKO, use the number provided by MPD to track the status of your request.


1.  Out of Country Requests -  Service member on assignment to Korea

  • DA Form 5888 (only valid for a year)
  • DD Form 2792/DD Form 2792-1 (if family member is warranted in part B. 9b and the EFMP condition is medical/educational related)
  • PCS Orders or Soldier Declaration Memo
  • Others (required by losing MPD)
  • 2.  In Country Requests -  Service member who already in Korea

    • DA Form 4187
    • PCS Orders to Korea
    • Pinpoint Orders (indicating arrival date to Korea)
    • DA Form 5888 (only valid for a year)
    • DD Form 2792/DD Form 2792-1 (if family member is warranted in part B. 9b and the EFMP condition is medical/educational related)
    • Current LES
    • Travel voucher AOP from MyPay
    • No CSP Inbound Entitlement Memo (if any entitlement has been used with PCS orders to Korea or if no dependent stated on PCS orders)
    • ERB/ORB

    Submit your completed packet to your current S1/2ID G1.  

    Civilians must have a valid passport for entry into Korea. Command sponsored family members can obtain a no-fee passport from their losing unit. Soldiers do not need a passport when traveling between the U.S. and Korea on orders for PCS or leave; however passports are required for personal travel outside of Korea.

    Republic of Korea Immigration will authorize a 90-day tourist visa for civilian employees and dependents; however, all civilians must obtain a multiple-entry visa issued by the Korean Embassy or Consulate within 90 days of arrival to Korea. This application process can take up to three months. Additionally, civilian employees and all dependents must obtain a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) stamp authorizing their stay beyond the 90-day tourist period. Your local ACS or legal office can provide you with applications and more information.

    No-Fee Passport
    Once your family has been approved for Command Sponsorship and your Soldier’s PCS Orders include each dependent’s name, immediately apply for a No-Fee Passport through your losing installation Military Personnel Division (MPD) Personnel Processing Branch. The processing time is generally six to eight weeks, so begin the process as soon as orders for command sponsorship are approved. Contact your local personnel office for the proper forms and information. Do not depart your losing installation without receiving the no-fee passport.

    Non-U.S. citizens must apply for a country of origin passport. Documents must be original or certified copies.

Prior to arrival in theater, all personnel (PCS, TCS, or TDY) must complete USFK Theater Specific Mandatory Training to ensure the complete understanding of policies and standards in preparation for duty in Korea. Upon completion, print and/or save your certificates so that they are readily available. 


    • http://jko.jten.mil/courses/atl1/launch.html
  • ARMY SERE 102 AND 103
    • https://jkodirect.jten.mil/html/COL.xhtml?course_prefix=USFK&course_number=J3ST‐US171‐PCS‐HB
    • https://cs.signal.army.mil/DoDIAA/default.asp
    • https://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/wbtraining/Travel_Card/lessons/index.html
  • Ammo‐67‐DL HAZMAT Familiarization and Safety in Transportation (9E‐F69/920‐F37 (DL)
    • http://www.dactces.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=144:ammo‐67‐dl&Itemid=76
    • LOG INTO ALMS>Search Keyword “ROPD” > select: Range Operations Professional Development (ROPD) Phase 4A Course>Complete all training

Military Personnel (PCS/TDY/Leave)

1. Military orders - PCS or TDY
2. Leave Form (for PCS/leave travelers)
3. DoD ID card
4. Korean Customs arrival card: Passport # = SSN, Occupation = MIL, Purpose of Visit - Business, Address in Korea - 19th HRC, USAG-Humphreys
5. Korean Customs Declaration Card (issued on the Plane)

Family Members

1. Valid Passport
2. Korean Customs Arrival Card: Passport number, Occupation = MIL, Purpose of Visit - Business, Address in Korea - 19th HRC, USAG-Humphreys
3. Korean Customs Declaration Card (issued on the Plane)

Clearing Korean Immigration (instructions)

- Stand in a line for Non-Korean Citizens.
- Have all of the above documentation completed and readily available. Remove any hats and/or sunglasses you may be wearing.
- Provide the Immigration Officer with the above items.
**Military service members must present their military ID to enter Korea, NOT a passport.
**Immigration will stamp civilian passports with 30-day tourist visa, unless an A-3 visa already exists.


All incoming personnel (with the exception of Advanced Individual Training Soldiers), must ship ALL CTA-50 via Unaccompanied Baggage. You will need this equipment upon arrival to be ready to Fight Tonight.

Military Packing List:

  • ACUs (4 sets)
  • 4 sets of OCP/ACU
  • Patrol Cap
  • 2 pair of Boots (Bring Intermediate Cold Weather boots during winter.)
  • IPFU (complete sets, Summer and Winter)
  • ASUs, including all awards and decorations
  • Dress shoes
  • Beret
  • Civilian attire (at least three sets)
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Medication (30 days), if prescribed

Required Documents

  • Common Access Card (CAC)
  • 10 copies of your orders assigning you to 2ID
  • 10 copies of your approved DA31
  • Medical records
  • Dental records
  • Copy of your 348-E signed by your previous commander (military driver’s license)
  • Your civilian driver’s license
  • All receipts over $75 from the start of your travel to Korea
  • Clearing papers from losing organization (required for housing)

Personal Items

  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit, etc.)
  • Cellphone (if your cell carrier has an international plan)
  • At least $100 dollars cash for incidentals
  • Laptop, Tablet, or personal gaming device (optional items)
  • Personal bag, backpack, etc. to carry items during travel
  • No knives!