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Annyeong haseyo from the “Land of the Morning Calm”!  

Welcome to the 2nd Infantry/ROK-US Combined Division, the ONLY Combined Division in the Army; located in South Korea with over 12,000 Soldiers, nearly 900 Families, and over 2,000 Family members.

Serving in our Combined Division is an Assignment of Purpose where you and your fellow Soldiers will excel in the profession of arms. Here on the Korean Peninsula, we are conducting daily operations with our ROK Army allies to deter aggression and maintain peace on the Korean Peninsula.  This is the place where we must be ready all the time, because we are not looking for a NTC rotation, we are preparing to “Fight Tonight." It is not just a slogan, it’s the real deal. Knowing our essential role in this pivotal area of operations gives division teammates a purpose in our daily work and makes our contributions that much more meaningful.

What You’ll Get from 2ID/RUCD:  Joining this combined team offers key development assignments, promotion opportunities throughout the division and on the peninsula, opportunities to apply for joint credit, and a unique experience working with the Republic of Korea Army, Korean Nationals, and KATUSAs (Korean Augmentees to the U.S. Army). 

Who We Are:  The Division Headquarters, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade, Division Sustainment Brigade, and 2ID Division Artillery are located in at Camp Humphreys. 210 Field Artillery Brigade is located North of Seoul, just thirteen miles from the DMZ at Camp Casey. Although Families are not authorized to live in Camp Casey, we do offer options for Soldiers to utilize Command Sponsorship which allows their dependents to live at Camp Humphreys while they work north of Seoul.

What We Offer You and Your Families:  Camp Humphreys is the largest overseas installation in the Army and offers Soldiers and Families modern on-post housing in residential towers, up to 5 bedrooms; full hospital and clinics; elementary, middle, and high school; childcare centers; after school care; PX; commissary; two movie theaters; bowling alley, six different restaurants; three KATUSA Snack Bars; water park; multiple gyms to include a three-story gym; among so much more! 

The Land of the Morning Calm Perks and Amenities:  South Korea is among the Top 10 safest countries and offers an endless list of beaches, mountain ranges, temples, amusement and water parks, shopping, and more. There is no longer a curfew for US Soldiers & their Families leaving the beautiful country open for travel. If you do not have a vehicle or simply choose not to drive, South Korea provides a wide variety of pristine public transportation making travel through the country easy. We are in the perfect location to travel anywhere in the Pacific...China, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, Vietnam, and many other desirable locations are a short flight away.   

Welcome! We want YOU (and your Family) to join a truly Second to None Combined Division! 

Join Now! Preference us #1 at AIM-2

If you have any questions about an assignment to 2ID/RUCD please check out our FAQs