2nd Infantry Division - Korea : Newcomers : In-processing

One Stop In-processing Schedule

Welcome to Warrior Country! All Soldiers PCSing to Korea will spend approximately one week in-processing the 19th Human Resource Command at Camp Humphreys. Upon completion, Service members and Families will travel to their final duty station.

Arrival at Camp Humphreys – One Stop Bldg. #6400
- Newly arriving Soldiers and Family members require two forms of PHOTO ID for base access.               
- Unaccompanied Soldiers (E1-E6) will be transferred to the barracks (bldg. 725 )
- Unaccompanied senior NCOs (E-7, E-8) warrant officers (WO1 to CW4), and officers (O-1 to O-4) will be transferred to the barracks (bldg. 755).
- All command-sponsored families will be transferred to lodging (Humphreys Lodge ).
**O-5 and above, CW5 and SGM SGM will be transferred to lodging (Humphreys Lodge or Dragon Hill Lodge in Yongsan).

19th HRC Front Desk at Camp Humphreys:
DSN: 757-2387
Commercial: 050-3357-2387
Calling from the US: 011-82-503-357-2387

- Travel / PCS order
- Command Sponsored order (if accompanied)
- Shot record and/or medical slips
- POV shipment documents or Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) storage contract
- Travel receipts ($75 or more)
- Marriage license or divorce decree (if married or divorced in route to Korea) 
**Have all baggage ready on the day of departure.

19th HRC In-Processing Schedule

Day 0 (Rest & Recuperate)
Once Service Member arrives to designated billets. Day 1 will begin the next working day.
Day 1 (Briefings) Briefing Room 1
0645-0700 Accountability in front of Bldg. 725 (For both Bldg. 725 and Bldg755)
0700-0845 Breakfast/ Movement
0845-0900 Accountability/ Roll Call
0900-0945 8A Command Video/ Welcome Brief
0945-1030 Finance Brief
1030-1130 LNO Brief/ Pinpoint Orders Issue
1130-1300 Lunch
1300-1400 Legal Brief/ Tricare Brief
1400-1430 Red Cross Brief/ Housing Video
1430-1700 DBIDS (1st Floor)
Ration Control (1st Floor)
- CSP ONLY MPD-DD93/SGLV (3rd Floor)
Housing (Area Ill ONLY) (3rd Floor)
Day 2 (Admin In-Processing) Briefing Room 2
0645-0700 Accountability
0700-0845 Movement/Breakfast
0845-0900 Accountability/ Roll Call
0900-1130 Medical Readiness/ Immunizations
1130 -1300 Lunch
1300-1400 CIF Sizing Sheets
1400-1430 Non-Combatant Evacuation Plan/ ADPASS
1430-1500 Dental Readiness Screening
1500-1700 Finance Processing (Documents Turn-In)
Day 3 (Cultural Instruction) Theater 1
0645-0700 Accountability
0700-0845 Movement/Breakfast
0845-0900 Accountability/ Roll Call
0900-1130 Korean Cultural Brief Part I
1130-1300 Lunch
1300-1530 Korean Cultural Brief Part II
Day 4 (Cultural Instruction) Theater 2
0645-700 Accountability
0700-0845 Movement/Breakfast
0845-0900 Accountability/ Roll Call
0900-1130 Korean Cultural Brief Part Ill
1130-1300 Lunch
1300-1530 Korean Cultural Brief Part IV
* Dental appointments will be completed throughout Day IV Briefing
Day 5 CIF/Area Shipping Briefing Room 3
0500-0515 Accountability (both Bldg. 725 and Bldg. 755)
0515-0630 Room Clearance/ Linen Turn-In
0630-0830 Breakfast/ Movement
0830-0900 Accountability/ Areas I-IV Brief/ Movement
0900-UTC CIF Issue (Areas I,and II only)
Area Ill Departure (Camp Humphreys only-Unit Unit S-1 Pick Up)
1000-UTC Area IV Bus Departure (Camp Carroll/ Camp Walker/ Camp Henry
1130-1300 Lunch


PRT Uniform:
In-processing Uniform:
Documents Required to be on-hand:
   PCS Order & DA Form 31
   Immunization, Medical, and Dental Records
   Marriage / Divorce I Birth Certificates 
   Current Civilian (Stateside) Driver's License 
   POVNPC Shipment Docs / Commercial Storage Contract
   Travel Receipts>$75 Travel (Hotel, baggage, etc.)

Additional Information:
   Pinpoint Orders will be distributed NLT Day 2.
   Immediately inform the 19th HRC front desk cadre if you are missing luggage.
   Cadre members wear black arm bands on the left arm of the uniform.

FRONT DESK Contact Information:
DSN: 757-2387/2384
From Cell Phone: 05033-57-2387/2384

Cycle NCOs/Cadre will give End of Day briefs at the completion of each day of In-processing.


All Soldiers will complete five days of in-processing at the USAG-Humphrey One-Stop, Bldg. 6400, conducted by 19th Human Resources Company. Soldiers and command-sponsored family members should reserve lodging accommodations for the duration of their mandatory in-processing, which could take up to eight days at Camp Humphreys. All unaccompanied service members, SGM, CW5, and CSL O-5 and above are encouraged to make reservations at Humphreys Lodge. All unaccompanied E-7, CW4, O-5 and below will be provided transient quarters during 19th HRC in-processing.

Soldiers and command sponsored family members will depart Camp Humphreys for their assigned installation on the fifth in-processing day. Plan to make additional lodging reservations at your final destination to accommodate the process of locating and moving into housing. Housing accommodations may be on or off post, depending on availability. Those assigned to USAG-Humphreys will remain in the Humphreys Army Lodging until they relocate to family housing or off-post housing.

For suites, pet rooms or special requests, fill out the Army Lodging Camp Humphreys Registration Form and email it to usarmy.humphreys.imcom-fmwrc.mbx.lodging@mail.mil or contact Reservations at DSN 315-753-7355 or from the U.S. 011-82-31-692-0825

If Camp Humphreys Army Lodging is not available, overflow lodging is at the Dragon Hill Lodge (DHL) located in Seoul at USAG Yongsan. The DHL does not have pet rooms, so advanced coordination is necessary with the Yongsan Pet Care Center to board your pet for the duration of your stay. The DHL does not direct bill with military finance and hotel costs are to be paid by the service member and family. Receipts will need to be submitted for reimbursement with Soldier’s TLA documentation.

Humphreys Lodge