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2nd Infantry Division - Korea : Leadership : Article Display

Colonel Ki Hwan, Kim

Chief of Staff - ROK

2nd Infantry Division

ROK-US Combined Division

Colonel Ki Hwan, Kim is a graduate of Virginia Military Institute (1997), Virginia and was commissioned in 1998 as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Infantry branch of the Republic of Korean Army, starting his military career as a Platoon Leader of 4.2 Inch Mortar Platoons of Combat Support Company of the 102nd Infantry Brigade.

Colonel Kim has built his career at various echelon levels as an expert in Joint and Combined Operations fields. He served as an English Language Instructor, at Korea Military Academy; OIC in the U.S. Policy for Wartime OPCON Transition Group with ROK Joint Chiefs of Staff; a G5 Planner of the 7th Maneuver Corps; the first ROK CHOPS of C3 COIC, 2nd Infantry Division / ROK-US Combined Division; Battalion Commander with the 136th Mechanized Infantry of the 16th Brigade, Capital Division. After his battalion command, he returned to ROK JCS and was promoted to full colonel while serving as Combined Implementation Planner with the Wartime OPCON Transition Group, followed by his brigade command with the 112th Brigade, the 37th Infantry Division.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from VMI and a master’s degree in Manpower Systems Analysis from Naval Postgraduate School.

Colonel Kim is married and has two sons.