2nd Infantry Division - Korea : What We Do : Best Warrior Competition

2nd Infantry Division-ROK/US Combined Best Warrior Competition


2ID/RUCD Soldiers converge annually to compete for the title of Best Warrior. The week-long event tests Soldier skills, endurance, fortitude and resourcefulness as well as intellectual and problem-solving capabilities. Officers, noncommissioned officers and junior enlisted, and KATUSA Soldiers compete in separate categories and are evaluated on general military knowledge, physical fitness and common military tasks.

While some of the competition tasks are standard such as the Army Combat Fitness Test, written test, marksmanship, ruck march, land navigation and command sergeants major board; some of the challenges such as chemical defense and medical tasks - added to the stress of fitting everything into a few short days - makes the competition extra tough. 

Winners in the NCO and junior enlisted categories will advance to represent 2ID/RUCD at the Eighth Army Best Warrior Competition.


Transportation Tips - Map Orientation

AFN Humphreys
Video by Sgt. Gregory Muenchow
Transportation Tips - Map Orientation
AFN Humphreys
Dec. 8, 2022 | 0:29
Transportation Tips is a multipart series giving helpful information for first time public transportation users in South Korea. This video highlights the subway map and gets users started on their journey to navigating the country with ease. (U.S. Army video by Sgt Gregory Muenchow)
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