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The Expert Infantry/Field Medical/Soldier Badges - E3B

The Expert Infantryman Badge was created in 1944 by the Army Chief of Staff George C. Marshall in order to honor the U.S. Army Infantryman and serve as a symbol of their role in combat and proficiency in the Infantry arts. A symbol of tradition for the U.S. Infantry and the vital role they play in the defense of our nation, the EIB infers proficiency and prestige on those who attain it. The Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia, continuously updates the rules and regulations behind the test to ensure that standards remain high and to include new events to keep pace with an ever-changing Army and an ever-present threat.

The Expert Field Medical Badge was established in 1965 for all officers, warrant officers and enlisted personnel in the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Corps as a method to show their high level of proficiency on the battlefield. Based on V Corps' medical proficiency training, the test grew from 2 1/2 day events to the modern competition, pushing medical personnel to their limits to show their competence, proficiency and physical endurance. It is the most sought after peacetime award in the AMEDD Corps, and serves as a distinct honor alongside the Combat Medical Badge earned in wartime.

The Expert Soldier Badge, established in 2019 on the Army's 244th Birthday, the badge is meant to highlight the Soldier's lethality and preparedness outside the Infantry, Special Operations and Medical branches. The testing is designed close to the EIB and EFMB qualifications, and serves to evaluate a Soldier's knowledge, conduct and physical preparedness in combat. An Expert Soldier Badge allows Soldiers, officer and warrant officers that serve in nearly any military occupational specialty to show their skill.

All three of these badges are highly competitive, with pass rates often at or below 20% of their group size. With hundreds of competitors, only a select few meet every challenge and earn the right to wear the badge.

Bulldog Brigade Expert Infantryman Badge on the ROK

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Name Testing Date
E3B Candidate Handbook 9 September 2022



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